Quarantine is an opportunity to do activities or things that we never have time to do in normal circumstances.

This social isolation will probably lead to feelings of despair and confusion. As quarantine is a personal and collective health duty with indisputable and unavoidable measures in place, many questions arise about what we can do to remain active. We have compiled a list of suggestions to avoid getting bored at home:

  1. If you work from home, we recommend that you organize your schedule with routines to maintain productivity.
  2. If you are used to doing exercise daily, don’t stop doing it. Even if you cannot go to the gym or go running, this may be the ideal time to do physical activity. Visit “VIVRIFIT” and “myVIVRI” on Instagram to find new routines you can do at home and tips about what you should eat and drink to boost your immune system.

  3. We recommend reading the book “VIVRI Maker” available in our online store.
  4. You can call or arrange video calls with your friends. Being in quarantine doesn’t mean losing complete contact with them.
  5. Cleaning your house and space is always recommended to eliminate indoor pollution and create a comfortable environment, and it also improves your mood.
  6. Organize your photos into albums.
  7. Organize your closet from scratch. You can also clean out your closet to get rid of clothes you no longer wear.
  8. If you have pets, play with them.
  9. Don’t stay in pajamas. If you get dressed, you will be more active.
    Another thing we recommend is informing yourself responsibly and following the corresponding precautions.