Thank you for your interest in the VIVRI™ Challenge. Through this program, VIVRI™ Independent Leaders commit to helping participants achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall wellness. Please remember that any diet or weight control program requires reasonable exercise and proper diet. Consult your physician before starting any exercise or diet program.

Please read the following document with detail and sign to confirm you understand all general terms of participation for the VIVRI™ Challenge. In consideration of my participation in the VIVRI™ Challenge and for any other circumstance that may result in the participation of such Challenge, I give my consent to the following:

  1. I am fully and willingly participating in the Program. I recognize that my participation in the Program may require me to change or modify aspects of my life and/or lifestyle.
  2. I understand that the responsibility to consult a physician or any other medical specialist prior to my engagement in the program is mine alone.
  3. I declare and guarantee that I do not have any illness, medical condition or disability that may prevent my participation in the Program, I also declare that I am not allergic to soy, milk, wheat, nor do I have knowledge of allergies towards any food, and that I do not take prescription medication (in exception to oral contraceptives).
  4. I certify that I am 18 years or older.
  5. I certify I am not pregnant or lactating.
  6. I understand that I will be delivered and or I will solely obtain a supply of VIVRI™ products to use and consume throughout the duration of the Program, and I am in agreement in the use of such product as directed by the instructions printed on the label of each product.
  7. I understand that I will be delivered a meal plan as part of the Program, I agree to follow such plan.
  1. I understand that throughout the duration of the Program, I will be asked to participate and carry out the following:
  • Assist in any group sessions that are part of the program.
  • Provide full-body photographs before starting the program, during the program to show progress, and at the end of the program to show culminating results.
  • Participants will be notified on the process of sending the photographs (for example, through e-mail, multimedia text, or any other medium as established by VIVRI™).
  • Register daily: my weight, my food intake, and any other essential metrics as established by my VIVRI™ Independent Leader.
  1. I agree to assume entire responsibility over any risk, injury and known or unknown damages, which may result from my participation in the Program. Such injuries or damages may include but are not limited to, any physical injury, up to and including death.
  2. As to me and my heirs, legal representatives and legal assignees, I consciously, voluntarily and specifically renounce any and all claims against my VIVRI™ Independent Leader for any injury or damage that may result of my participation in this program.
  3. In representation of myself, my heirs, my legal representatives and legal assignees, through the present relief, I release and renounce my right, and I agree to not pursue legal action towards my VIVRI™ Independent Leader and/or VIVRI LLC or any of their shareholders, officers, directors, employees or agents, for any resulting injury or death from my participation in this Program.
  4. I hereby authorize my VIVRI™ Independent Leader to take physical measurements, register my personal information (name, city where I reside, age, weight, gender, etc.) and take before and after photographs, and/or record a video of myself with the sole purpose of demonstrating the results obtained throughout my participation in the Program. I also agree to submitting a written or recorded testimony of my participation in the Program if solicited.

In regards to measurements, personal data, photographs, video recordings and/or testimonies, through the present, I transfer and grant the following rights to my VIVRI™ Independent Leader and to VIVRI LLC, including but not limited to:

  1. The right to register, use, publish, distribute, render, advertise or sell, in any way, my name, photograph or image, testimony, voice and any personal information that is involved in my use of VIVRI™ products and/or my participation in the Program, in any form of public media (print, digital, electronic, television broadcast, photography, film, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes or recordings of any other type) including the right to my name and image in brochures, handouts, websites, other promotional material, movies, audio or video recordings, broadcasts (television, radio, and cable or satellite), programs, or any other medium, and to utilize and license others the use of such photographs, video and audio recordings, and any type of broadcast programs, including unrestricted use for advertising purposes, promotion and sales.
  2. The right to secure the registration for copyright from the author of the photographs, recordings in the United States and any other place in the name of VIVRI™, and to renew such copyright when permitted. I recognize there were no promises made in regards to any forms of compensation, royalties or other consideration or dividends in the use of any copyrighted material by my VIVRI™ Independent Leader and/or VIVRI LLC, or any VIVRI™ associates, and that the exclusive rights of such images, video and audio recordings and testimonies in any produced or exercised method correspond to my VIVRI™ Independent Leader, and/or VIVRI LLC.
  3. The right to prepare and use excerpts and summaries of photographs, recordings and testimonies in brochures, notebooks, catalogs, programs, banners and publishings and anywhere my VIVRI™ Independent Leader and/or VIVRI, LLc, may use at their discretion.
  4. I renounce any right I may have to inspect or approve the final product, publication or copy that may be used in connection to such photographs, recordings, personal information or testimonies, or any and all uses the latter are applied to.
  5. The rights granted through the present medium to my VIVRI™ Independent Leader and/or VIVRI LLC, will extend for the duration of the copyright period of such photographs and video recordings, and any renovation of rights from thereon.

I declare and guarantee that I have read and fully understand the present document, that I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions, and that I have the right and authority to discharge this document from Consent/Liberation and Disclaimer. If I am under the age of 18, I understand that my parents or legal guardian must also sign this document of Consent/Liberation and Disclaimer, and to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.