The best destinations to spend New Year’s

New Year, New Life! Every beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to achieve a new look, new resolutions and goals, achieve the best version of ourselves with the company of our best ally, VIVRI®. But why not start the new year someplace different? Does it happen to you that whenever you watch a Christmas movie during this season, you’d die to be in those places? That’s why we leave you with a list of the best places to close the year and welcome the new 2018.

Manhattan, New York:

Who doesn’t remember the movie New Year’s Eve along with its magical New York City setting? With a fabulous atmosphere found in only a few cities in the world, and whether it be Times Square or the Statue of Liberty, New York is the place where over one million people welcome the new year. This is the perfect place to enjoy with your best friends.

Orlando, Florida:

If you want to live a dreamy night with your family and Mickey Mouse in Cinderella’s castle, Orlando, Florida is your destination. You can enjoy one of your best vacations in the theme parks as this season they open until one in the morning. In each park there are different attractions such as laser shows, Cirque du Soleil performances, incredible parties, live artists and confetti everywhere. An experience you and your family will never forget.

Los Cabos, Mexico:

Sun, sand and sea to start the countdown. Los Cabos will captivate you with its beautiful landscapes and parties. During this season thousands of people from all over the world come to enjoy some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches. You will be delighted with the best food, you’ll enjoy great music with bands and DJ’s so you can have the most fun among Mexican parties, Latin nights, catamaran parties or at a club at night.

London England:

God save the Queen! The best about celebrating here is waiting for Big Ben to mark the arrival of the new year. More than 250,000 people gather to celebrate and fill the streets of London with joy. And the best part is that the celebration does not end there! The next day is followed with a great parade where colorful floats, dancers and even you can see the horses of the Queen parade in the street. Can you imagine?

Sydney, Australia:

Our last destination takes us to the first place in the world where everyone shouts Happy New Year! Sydney, Australia is a spectacular destination as it celebrates with the most impressive fireworks show ever. The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge colorfully illuminated this great show. In addition there is also a great parade to celebrate.

And you, in which destination will you receive the New Year?